Anesthetic Workstation

Product Code: SD-G5

Flow Meter consist of housing and a set of calibration glass tube with bobbin float. Calibration tube can be provided in a combinations of (O2, N2O & AIR) or customer requirement.

The flow control is obtained by needle valves which can be easily distinguished from one another by touch & colour. Easy to read large size scales with fluorescent illumination allow inside bobbins to be accurately read.

The gas flow meter consists of two flow meter tubes assembled together to work in parallel from two separate sources of gas supply and discharge through a single outlet.

Control Valve : Front of the Rotameter
Inlet Connection : At back, 7/16 inch UNF and 1/2 inch UNF (for O2 & N2O respectively), threaded male end
Outlet Connection : Female nipple end at top right side of the frame (Press fitting also available on demand. Right or Back side)

Types of Anesthetic Workstation