Anesthetic ORC Flow Meter

Product Code: SD-ST3

Oxygen Ratio Control - ORC Flow Meter

The controller is fixed on the rear side of the rotameter which can be replaced in your existing anesthesia unit.

ORC system ensures minimum 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, O2 in the mixture. Fine adjustment of the needle valves ensures proper control over the outgoing gas mixture.

Working Circuit :

Selected gas flows through the valve spindle to the desired chamber of O.R.C and return to the selected Rotameter tube. After all the gases get mixed up in the upper rotameter block the mixed gas flow through outlet point. The complete pneumatic device is doing these systems. Maximum capacity level of oxygen rotameter tube is 10 litres and Nitrous oxide tube is 12 litres. The moment 0.6 litres (+/-) 0.2 litre Oxygen tube is released then automatically the former drives the Nitrous Oxide according to the ratio. The ratio is 25% Oxygen of the total gas mixture.

Types of Anesthetic Flow Meter